Two women leaning into each other with one holding her arm around the other's shoulders. Their backs are facing the camera and they sit on the edge of a bed.

Finding Kind

Let’s celebrate kindness this fall! All month long, we want you to join us in finding kind in the Northland!…

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True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In

Join us as we look at how Author James Choung uses the framework of a fiction narrative to help us ask the hard questions and sharpen our own tools of evangelism. Explore with us as we learn how to grasp and express the greatest news of all.


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Please pray for my daughter that she can receive her widows benefits, that she can keep her 2 mobile homes and truck. Her husbands family are not nice. They...

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copd hospitalization

Our son's roommate just got admitted to the hospital for COPD symptoms. He is a Native from the Fond-du-Lac Cloquet reservation and is a smoker....

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New Job Opportunity

I would like some prayer regarding a possible new job opportunity. I'm praying for God's will in this situation as my family has always been my priority and...

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Next To Me

Next To Me

I get this feeling in my spirit way down low - I feel it callin like a compass in my soul - Saying child come on back now - You’ve been gone too long - Let me lead you back where you belong - Right next to me

Believe For It

Believe For It

Move the immovable - Break the unbreakable - God we believe - God we believe for it

Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way

Help is on the way (Roundin’ the corner) - Help is on the way (Comin’ for ya) - Help is on the way (Yeah, yeah) - I’ve lived enough life to say - Help is on the way

Good God Almighty

Good God Almighty

Good God Almighty I hope You’ll find me - Praising Your Name no matter what comes

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