• Drive-Thru Difference

    Drive-Thru Difference

    Do a random act of kindness at the drive thru today and leave the drive-thru difference note…

  • Building stronger families

    Building stronger families

    NEED by June 30:  $425,000
    GIVEN:  $291,647
    REMAINING:  $133,353

    Thank you for praying and giving

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Life Uplifted: Proverbs 16:1

We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer.

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  • Pray for This family

    Heavenly Father , In the name of Jesus i come and pray to you for the salvation , the second birth , the birth from above for the three siblings Eman Gawdat &...

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  • For Darron

    I have a friend and roommate that is battling sever depression and alcoholism. He goes through times where he won't come out of his bedroom for days. Currently...

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  • Pro-Soberness

    **Been sober for over a year and VERY grateful. Praise the Lord! Just concluding some legal repercussions Lord-willing. Need prayers that now that I may be...

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  • Miracle

    My marriage needs a...

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