• Growing To Grand Rapids

    Growing To Grand Rapids

    How far away are we from turning on Christian music for Grand Rapids…

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Life Uplifted: James 4:10

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up in honor.

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  • Son having difficult time

    My 22-year-old stepson got married at 19 while in the Marine Corps to his high school girlfriend. A year later they had a son. He is now done with the...

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  • Veteran son

    I am writing once again for prayers for my son who served in Iraq for almost 16 months. After he came home he suffered from nerve problems. He shook all the...

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  • I need peace

    I've recently moved in With my fiancé and his ex is always trying to interfere with our relationship because she's jealous, even so far as to lie about things...

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  • 5 day Bible club

    We have a 5 day bible club coming this 1st week of August.Please pray for the kids who will come to be save and their parents too to be save, that God will...

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