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Who We Are

Whether you are a Mom getting little feet out the door each morning, or a Dad heading home from work, or any other member of the family, we’re here for you.

At Life 97.3 we promise to always be family friendly and play positive and uplifting music that helps you connect with God.

Life 97.3 exists to lead people to Christ and nurture believers in their spiritual growth through Christ-centered media.

Life 97.3 is a part of the Northwestern Media Network, from The University of Northwestern in Saint Paul, MN.

Today, Northwestern Media operates 14 listener-supported Christian radio stations throughout the Midwest.

We want to hear from YOU! Please know you are welcome to join the show anytime at 1-888-720-9730!


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Help for the Ukraine

I found this exhaustive list of ministries and organizations that are ready to send your help to the Ukraine.



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