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Our health – does it matter to God?

We may fail to remember this mighty truth, but the Lord never will: Our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. Because God designed the human body to be a finely tuned instrument —the most resilient on earth, in fact — bodies are geared to endure the likes of fractures, adhesions, sprains, strains, and pain. That said, however, our…


Are snakes biting your ankles?

Have you ever been bitten by a poisonous snake and felt its lethal effect coursing through your veins? I have. No, I never have been snagged by the fangs of a rattlesnake or cobra, but I been attacked by other kinds of snakes that inject their poison of hate, bitterness, irritation, discouragement, hopelessness, fear, depression…


How do you handle it?

One of my favorite sayings is with much distance comes much resistance. Basically, it means to me that in separating ourselves from tempting things, the distance builds a strong resistance to the source of the temptation. One thing I am finding in this theory is that distance from your temptation can’t be fueled by fear. In…


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