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The power of a question

When was the last time you asked a really profound question of someone in order to have them share something really meaningful in their life with you?



Flirting with faith

For former atheist and agnostic Joan Ball, faith came not in a valley of hardship but rather in the midst of a prosperous life.

Carmen LaBerge


Slaying the dragon of self-hatred

One of the most frequent problems I deal with in counseling and coaching is self-hatred. People often tell me, “I know God loves and forgives me, but I can’t forgive myself. I hate myself.” Self-hatred is every bit as much a sin as other-directed hatred. We are all God’s image bearers and, although we might not like aspects of ourselves,…


Talk about practice!

How do you do live a life that really matters? How can our faith outlive our physical years? I can relate this to my actions to maintain a weight loss of 132 lbs. Now that I have succeeded at my goal, I want to maintain my goal weight. So how do I do that? I continue to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding food and exercise. Now that I know…


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Church service streaming guide for the Northland

What are the ten best decisions a couple can make for their family? On this edition of Live the Promise, we look at how to establish a faith-filled legacy for ourselves and our children with Bill and Pam Farrel. Bill boils it down to one main point. “What I learned is that information isn’t enough.” Just passing…


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