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Parenting styles: There’s one for everybody

Recently, we had some friends over for dinner. They came with their clan that mixed with our clan and a glorious time was had by all…until one of the boys decided to send a chair down the stairs with our little angel on it.  She survived without being battered or bruised, and his parents took him to task for his carelessness. As I thought…


"Yikes! My child was rude!!”

The chances are great that every parent reading this blog has, on occasion, been embarrassed by the rude behavior of their child. From time to time, your children will interact with adults who are not in their lives on a regular basis, especially during holidays and vacations.  Now is a good time for a little proactive training and…

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Featured ministry: The Reel Hope Project

Do you struggle to build discipline into your life? It’s a myth that some people are just naturally more disciplined then others. According to Chrystal Evans Hurst, discipline is a skill and a mindset that everyone has to learn and anyone can cultivate. “The answer to being disciplined is doing what you have to do when you…


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