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You’ve Always Been Lyrics

I’ve had good days,
I’ve had bad days
Tasted victory and defeat
I’ve had problems big as planets
Turn to pebbles when you speak
I’ve had nothing to my name
Never lacked for anything
Cause you were there with me

You’ve been my savior, sustainer
When I’m at my end
My healer, redeemer
Again and again
My mother and my father
Brother, sister and friend
Everything I’ve needed,
Lord You’ve always been
Everything I’ve needed, Lord
You’ve always been

When I stand before you guilty
Oh your mercy bears my blame
When in pride I think I’m worthy
You point out the price you paid
When I wander far away
You keep calling out my name
You don’t give up on me

You are my strength, my rock, Jesus
You are my hope, my song, Jesus
Before my heart knows what to pray
You’ve already led the way Jesus

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One story about "You’ve Always Been"

  • Sylvia A Reta says:

    My mom died and I reached out to my Lord to help. Then dad dx with Alzheimers, and had to move him to my house. Tried working and take care of him, but then I had a stroke. But my Lord has seen me through it all. Everything I needed My Lords has always been.

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