You Said My Name Video
You Said My Name Lyrics

Like a diamond that was broken
into pieces no one wanted
I was shattered feeling worthless,
like the furthest thing from perfect

Never thought someone could love me
Never thought someone would ever see
That I could be more than I was
That I could be redeemed

Everything changed when you said my name
I went from lost to found
Into the darkness came your light
I see so clearly now
With a word my walls crashed – it happened so fast
In a moment my everything changed
When God, You said my name – my name – my name – my name

Through the layers of a dark past
You saw beauty in a heart that –
That was empty but you filled it
Now I’m loved and I’m forgiven
You didn’t run from all the shadows
I drifted far, you pulled me so close
Now that I’m forever yours – you won’t let me go

No more looking in the rearview
I’ll fix my eyes on the One who
Who changed my life with one single word

(Meaux Jeaux Music / Da Bears Da Bears Da Bears Music (SESAC). Administered by, (Kyle Sherman Music (SESAC)

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