Through My Father’s Eyes Video
Through My Father’s Eyes Lyrics

So many days I listen to the voice inside my head
I never thought that I’d be someone who could be mislead
I wanted the mirror to show me something I could not see
I needed explanations for expectations I could never reach

I know I’m not the only one who’s ever cried for help
And Jesus did for me what I could not do myself

He changed my life by changing my mind
He healed all that was broken inside
I’m loving what I can see with
His spirit alive in me
I’m finding beauty for the first time
Looking through my Father’s eyes

From what I see it looks like you don’t like yourself too
When I hear you talk it sounds like you just feel like giving
I know it’s hard to see through
What this world will tell you
Cause misconceptions of false reflections will never be the

Just know you’re not the only one who’s ever cried for help
Jesus loves you in ways that you cannot love yourself


I can see your freedom coming
You’ll be a slave to nothing
When you see through my Father’s eyes

Holly Starr Publishing (SESAC), Plight Music Publishing (SESAC), My Friend Cabo Music (SESAC)

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