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for KING & COUNTRY (feat. Jordin Sparks) – Love Me Like I Am

Joel said, “I was sleeping and the phrase ‘Love me Like I Am’ captured me. It’s a beautiful story to us – the fact that God can love humanity the way He does, and we can love each other the way we do with unconditional love.”

Nathan Sheridan – Something Worth Singing About

Nathan was born to parents dealing with addiction and when he was 4, Nathan and his sister went to live with their grandparents. A few years later, Nathan’s sister Sara passed away after battling a rare form of brain cancer. When Nathan was 17, he enlisted in the National Guard and served for 6 years. He was deployed in Kuwait and joined the worship team where he felt a calling to pursue music full time. He married his wife when he came home, and they moved to Nashville. He’s someone who has definitely experienced God speaking into the hardest parts of our story.  Talking about this song, he said, “God’s love and redemption is something worth singing about.”

Mac Powell – New Creation

This song is based on 2 Corinthians 5:17: Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!  “Every difficulty is a chance to know the Lord on a deeper level and to become better, or perhaps, someone new altogether.”

Zach Williams – Heart of God 

Jason Crabb – Good Morning Mercy

Jason shared: “I recently conducted a study reporting that people are living with more pressure in their daily lives than ever before – feeling pressure from others and from things they brought on themselves. When we went in to write this song, we wanted to remind people that God’s got you in all of that. He promises in his word that He will give new mercies every morning. I love the opening line, ‘while I was sleeping, Lord you were working, on the mess I made like only I can do.‘ I mean, who hasn’t been there!? WE ALL HAVE! And, we wanted the song to be fun and joyous, to encourage. It’s definitely a song you can start your day singing.”

Cade Thompson – Arms of Jesus

He said, “I believe as humans we have the choice to run to the ways of this world or run and fall into the arms of Jesus – and in his arms, we can find the healing, the hope, and the strength that we need.” He also has a video going a little more in-depth here: Story Behind the Song.

Micah Tyler – I See Grace

His co-writer said, “There’s a verse in the Bible (Philippians 1:6) that says, he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. When I find myself stressed, anxious, depressed, angry, uncertain of what decision to make, hopeless, or a thousand other emotions, I remind myself to look back at God’s goodness/faithfulness in my life, because when I look back… I SEE GRACE and if Philippians is true and God is who He says He is, then I believe grace is with me now and will meet me in the future as well.”

Tauren Wells – Joy in the Morning

“I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to lift people’s eyes to the horizon,” Wells shares of the eventual title track. “That Scripture — ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’ — works great for the here and now. It’s filled with hope. You may have a couple of sleepless nights where you cry into your pillowcase, and you can’t make sense of what’s happening in your life, but you’re going to wake up and realize yesterday is not forever. Life moves on, and time doesn’t heal all wounds; but in time, Jesus can heal every wound. That’s a beautiful promise.”

Citizens – Everything and More

I love the idea that God is “everything and yet He is more.” We can never find the edge to God. Such a cool picture.

Hope Darst – If The Lord Builds The House

This song is a declaration from Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house we’re gonna serve you Lord / So here’s the keys / Come on in / Everything we have is yours.” When we try to build a name for ourselves it usually ends up falling apart, but when we choose to allow God to build our lives, nothing can tear it down.

Ryan Ellis – All My Praise

“I know for myself this isn’t always how I feel but I also know that gratitude shifts your attitude! So I’m excited to sing this song forever because it will always be true.”

Elevation Worship – Same God

Same God was written from the truth of what God spoke in Malachi 3:6: ‘I, The LORD do not change.’ The same God who gave David courage to face Goliath stands with us today. The God that answered prayers and provided for His children back then is the same God we serve today. He’s trustworthy, His track record proves it. I’m so grateful that we can have confidence that His love toward us will never run out or change.


Miracle Power – We The Kingdom 

Here’s what the band has to say about this song:
Franni: “On this side of Heaven, I really do believe that God works miracles. I think that we tend to see them, interestingly enough, in countries where people don’t have access to everything that they need to numb their pain, whether it’s emotional or physical. In the United States, we really struggle with that because we don’t really wait on God here; we have a hard time really waiting on Him, on His timing, which looks so different than ours. A thousand days is one day to the Lord; Scripture says that, so it can be really hard here. I love that second the verse says: “Sometimes it’s so hard being human/ All the struggle and all the pain.” I love when the Bible says, “We don’t have a high priest who’s unable to sympathize with us in our weakness.” He gets it; we just got to wait on Him and trust Him. And then, if not now in the next [place], I know that He will do miracles, but I hope that that doesn’t discourage our hearts from believing Him to do whatever we need now.”

Scott: “I’ve spent my entire Christian life trying to get my mind around miracles. And after all the questions, I’ve landed on being at peace with the idea that I’ll never fully understand the miraculous power of God on this side of Heaven. Sometimes the miracle is God doing something that is instantaneously supernatural…other times it’s knowing that Jesus is walking beside us. This song talks about both. I believe in a God who works ALL things for our good.”


Don’t Lost Heart – Steven Curtis Chapman

“I’ve heard countless stories of others who’ve walked through their own deep dark valleys, and I feel like there are some things I can say from the perspective I have now,” he shares. “I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to encourage others to not lose heart and to remind them that we’re gonna make it home…together!”

Then Christ Came – MercyMe

“Sometimes we over-complicate things trying to come up with new, creative ways to sing about Jesus. But the message of this song is simple in that it’s about who I was before, and then Jesus showed up, and now everything has changed.”

Perfectly Loved – Rachael Lampa

Rachael is part of an organization where she’s worked alongside Tobymac’s wife Amanda in a Nashville jail. Tobymac has joined them in that work and seeing it firsthand, he wanted to join the song that was inspired by some of the women they met in the jail.

Here’s what Rachael shared about the song– “I wanted to address some of those negative messages we get–messages that say we aren’t loved or beautiful or worthy or that we don’t belong in our God-given skin. God is so kind to remind us of the truth. It’s easy to forget that even in the hard times there have still been open doors and little miracles. God doesn’t just love us, He likes us.”

No Matter What – Jordan St. Cyr

“The song was written through a hard personal season. I began to understand the faithful nature of God really has nothing to do with me, and that my heavenly Father stands in the trenches and fights for me not because I have somehow done something to earn His favor. He is faithful not because I am faithful, rather it’s because He loves me unconditionally. No matter what this life may bring, the choices I make, the amount of faith I have, I know that God is with me.”

Always – Chris Tomlin

“He says, “Hebrews 13:8 says ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ And that’s what this song is about. I think about the ideas of the generations passing down our faith to one another. We stand in a long line of people who have gone before us, generation after generation, who’ve passed down this faith to us. So hold on. When the times are hard and life is not fair, hold onto this faith that has seen us through so much.“

Crowder (feat. Dante Bowe & Maverick City Music) – God Really Loves Us

“This is for me, but I’ve got somebody in mind too. When I’m singing this I’m believing something for somebody.” David Crowder

Josh Baldwin – There Is Freedom 

This song is about the “freedom that is found in Jesus as He stands in the gap for us. Our valley’s want to keep us from calling on His name, but when we do, strongholds break, hearts are set free, and walls come down. The truth is, there is nowhere we can go that He hasn’t already been, and there is nothing standing between us and God because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom…we can have freedom AND we can have hope when we walk through the valleys.”

David Leonard – Good Lord

“There’s so many times in my life when I need to be reminded of the goodness of God. I have those days where I feel like God is absent. The more I go back and look, I see His hand on my life. This song is a reminder to continue to look up and know that God is with me.”

Brooke Ligertwood – Honey in the Rock

“‘Honey in the Rock’ serves as a bold and unabashed ballad for recognizing God’s care in our lives. The song maintains an overt sense of triumph in surrender, connecting the sacrifice of Jesus to the unending provision of God in our lives.

Ligertwood and [Brandon] Lake focus on several Biblical examples of God’s provision, such as giving manna to the Israelites in the desert to feed them, and bringing water out of a stone to quench their thirst.  The sweetest honey in our lives started flowing when Jesus cleansed us of our sins through His death. This song shows that not only does God provide food and basic needs for us, but He also provides healing for our wounds, whether physical or spiritual. His providence keeps providing even when we fall down or walk away. With Jesus, we don’t need to worry. We can trust that God will keep the honey flowing from the least likely places.” (Air1)

Toby Mac & Blessing Offor – The Goodness

Toby says, (after his son passed away) “I wrote on a napkin one day, ‘You’re still the goodness in my life,’ and I started to believe that, and to see how God is good to me. That’s when I wrote ‘The Goodness,” and it felt like a celebration because I began to think about how gracious God is, and how he gives us little glimpses of his goodness, even in the valley. Then I read a quote, and it led to a lot of the lyrics in this song. It said, ‘A saint is not someone who is good, but someone who experiences the goodness of God.’ I have experienced the goodness of God my whole life.”

Ben Rector – Thank You

“This is what I want to say to God and it’s a simple thing [even when I face circumstances that don’t make sense.] I think in a weird way ‘Thank You’ is something that I can still say at the age I am now with the way that I see the world now that I also probably could have said when I was 15 and I think those things are hard to come by sometimes. I was just excited to get to say something that felt like a simple statement of gratitude.”

Tasha Layton – How Far

This song is about how God continues to reach out and pursue us even when we run from Him. It was God’s love for us that propelled Him to give His life on the cross. Arms stretched open wide—that’s how far He will go.

Ben Fuller – Who I Am

“The song came to me because I asked God for a reminder of who He made me to be. ‘Who I Am’ is a declaration I needed to shout from the highest peaks, about how He’s changing my life. I want to share the love of God that I’ve come to know.”

Fill My Cup – Andrew Ripp

This song was originally written and recorded by Andrew Ripp’s good friend, Thad Cockrell. As soon as Ripp heard the first line, “I’ve been walking to a city that I cannot see”, he knew he had to see if there was a possibility to record it himself. The rest is history.  This song is a prayer for us to invite God to fill us each day with his joy!

I Will Carry You – Ellie Holcomb

“My hope for every listener who hears this song – no matter what they’re carrying in their lives or in their hearts right now – is that they would be reminded that they are carried by the God who made them and loves them.” – Ellie Holcomb

Say Goodbye – The Afters

“This song is all about leaving behind your old life and saying hello to the new life that you have in God.” “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”  (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Jireh – Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music

“God is enough for you–today and every day. May you experience His presence, peace, power, and provision in just the way He knows you need it. May you be reminded that if He can even watch over lilies and sparrows, how much more does He love and care for you.”

For God Is With Us – FOR KING + COUNTRY

Joel and Luke Smallbone share in a statement: “This song speaks to all circumstances. No matter hardship or great delight, we can all take great comfort in God being with us.”

See Me Through It – Brandon Heath

“for some of us, it feels like rock bottom. But, we can know what Rock we’re standing on, and He’s not going anywhere. So, stand tall fam. No matter how lost we feel or how difficult things get, He sees us where we are, and He’s going to see us through it.”

Me On Your Mind – Matthew West

“There are powerful words written in Psalm 8 that sum up the heartbeat of ‘Me on Your Mind.’ When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon, and the stars, which You have set in place, what is mankind that You are mindful of them, human beings that You care for them? It’s the amazement that the Creator of the universe, the King of the world, would give one single thought about me that touches my heart on a deep, deep level. God used the process of writing this song to bring me to a deeper understanding of the heart of my Heavenly Father, and I’m praying it will do the same for all who hear it.”

Blanca & Dante Bowe – The Healing

“Grateful doesn’t begin to describe the emotion I feel about this upcoming song,” Blanca said. “Having Dante Bowe on it is a full circle moment for me. His music, along with songs from the Mav City camp were some of the main songs that walked me through this past season of my life. They were a part of my healing. And here I am, getting to share my upcoming single alongside this legend! God is good.”

Hymn Of Heaven – Phil Wickham

“Hymn of Heaven is full of praise and thankfulness, just lifting up the name of Jesus and speaking what we really know the reality is even though we don’t see it,” he says. “All I want to do is facilitate moments where people can encounter the presence of God.”

Brighter Days – Blessing Offor

In sharing his new song, Blessing said “we all experience dark days, but it’s those days that make the brighter ones worth waiting for.”

Heart Of The Father – Ryan Ellis

Here’s what Ryan say’s about his new song. “This song is such a great reference point of what I believe we’re called to do as people of Christ,” Ellis explains. “We’re meant to just meet people where they’re at, not change them. It’s having grace, patience, kindness, mercy, and the ability to see and love people for who they are and help guide them along. If they just need a friend or someone to listen or to give them good advice, to me, being all things to all people is what being a good father is. Romans 2:4 says it’s His kindness that leads us to repentance. That’s ‘Heart of the Father’ – a song about His goodness.”

Joy Comes In The Morning – Baylor Wilson

“I believe this song portrays the seasons of life on earth that Jesus experienced – grief, pain, and sorrow that turned into peace! So no matter what you’re walking through, He knows and He wants to carry you through. You’re never alone in the valleys of life. So don’t give up hope! Even when we don’t feel it, joy will come…peace will come…as sure as the sun rises in the morning” – Baylor Wilson

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