What does it mean to lose your spouse? How are your children effected? What does it look like for you to make a living as a single parent? How do you cope with deep loneliness? Where is God in the midst of this sorrow?

Join Pam Lundell as she talks through her journey as a widow and how it has shaped who she is today. In her podcast A Widow’s Heart, Pam talks with widows, widowers, and family members who have walked through these hard realities together.

Pam says:

When I lost my husband, several people at his homegoing service said, ‘Pam, God is going to use this for His Glory. Just wait and see.’ I wanted to tell them to go away, but, when I got out of my own way, God took over (and) the miracles haven’t ceased. Watch for God at work in your life every day!”

Follow along to hear stories of healing, God’s work through these losses, and comfort from those who have experienced the loss of their loved one.

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