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Julie Buchtenkirch

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Read the 1 year bible in 3 years!

Did you start 2014 with a resolution to read your bible everyday?  Or at least read it “more”? How’s that goin’ for ya? I don’t say that to criticize or make you feel bad. In fact, I hope I can encourage you! My daughter Olivia pointed to the book on the kitchen table – “Gosh Mom it’s…


I found Jesus at Goodwill

Along with some other really great finds! Goodwill is a super source for those of us that enjoy the renew and repurpose style of decorating. And every Goodwill has its own personality depending on its location. I’ve noticed that pricing can vary as well.  What to do? Haunt all locations close to you and maybe a few not so close to you…


Renew and repurpose for 2014

Resolutions are running through my head, how about you? You can’t avoid it you know. Some people decree that they are not going to vocalize any New Year’s resolutions – thus decreeing a resolution for no more resolutions. Diet? Sure. Work out more? Yep. Same ol’, same ol’! But what about my insides? Should I consider how I might make…


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