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Are you standing on a short leg?

Most of my patients are caught completely off-guard when I tell them that that one of their legs is significantly shorter than the other. As their physical therapist I know that their inherent “unevenness” may have created or has compounded the pain complaints that the patient has come to be treated for. In the adult population,…


Our health – does it matter to God?

We may fail to remember this mighty truth, but the Lord never will: Our bodies are Temples of the Holy Spirit. Because God designed the human body to be a finely tuned instrument —the most resilient on earth, in fact — bodies are geared to endure the likes of fractures, adhesions, sprains, strains, and pain. That said, however,…


Eating healthier: It’s a mental game

Having a healthy diet can be tough, and I found a great article about how to win the “mental game” when it comes to eating right.  Two things that stood out: WATCH OUT FOR THE “FREE STUFF” My dad has a saying “If it’s free, it’s for me,”  and I can’t help but think that I got…


Apple recipes anyone!

Autumn snuck up on us this past weekend, which put me in the mood (not only to shop for warm clothes!) but to try out some new yummy apple recipes! Grab the family, spend the day at your local orchard, and experience picking your own apples!  Usually the orchards have a “festival” on the weekends w/wagon or hay rack rides,…


Exercise at your desk

Incorporate small, simple actions throughout your day and make your workouts work for you during your workday.


Can bulging discs be fixed?

Back in 1989, when I first began treating patients with back and neck pain, most people were aware that the bones in their spine were separated by discs (likely a result of effective chiropractic marketing). Unfortunately, due to that same widespread chiropractic marketing, a majority of my patients believed that their discs…


The wonders of watermelon

When I was a child, I didn’t believe that watermelon had a redeeming quality—beyond using its seeds as a projectile arsenal of sorts. You see, those very same seeds made eating watermelon so tedious, that I steered clear of this fruit for close to two decades! Then something glorious (and likely, genetically altered) happened:…


That’s small potatoes

Fear sometimes pushes me to failure or disappointment. In this 131 lb-weight-loss journey, I have a new challenge. I have to keep my “what if” doubts and fears at arm’s length, and rely on my God infused-strong, self-controlled commitment close by. When doubt pushes it’s way into my heart, the weak and…


Hepatitis C—the silent killer

“Hepatitis” means, simply, “inflammation of the liver”. Many things can inflame the liver such as heavy alcohol use, certain drugs, or bacteria. There are, however, three distinct viral types of hepatitis, namely, A, B, and C; each caused by a different virus. Hepatitis A is an acute problem which usually improves without…


Buddy goes to work

What would your work day look like if you brought your dog along to the office? Imagine your favorite ball of fur beside you as you meet with clients. Or make phone calls. Snuggled up beside you as you enter data on your computer. A growing number of businesses are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. A survey of pet owners…

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