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Will the real sinus headache please stand up?

Growing up I remember watching the popular game show, What’s My Line? The program began by announcing that one of the four panelists had an interesting career, such as an astronaut. The other three panelists were “posers” (imposters). The contestant’s job was to question the bunch, and when the allotted time was up, they had to guess…


Alternatives to The Gym

The holidays are behind us, and as we look forward to the new year, the word “resolution” gets kicked around quite a bit. And for some of us, that means thinking of that dreaded place known as The Gym. My “visions of sugar plums” quickly turned into the “reality of Christmas cookies”, and I ate them with abandon.  I recently had my cholesterol…


Supplements that calm joint inflammation

Many people have achy joints they must contend with. For some, their joint pain is short lived—brought on by an aggravating activity or by fluctuations in the weather. For others, their joint pain is a chronic, daily irritant. If your joint pain comes and goes, but is “gone” more than “on”, you would probably due best to rest, apply…


What is wrong with me? I am not myself anymore

Ten years ago I ran around in short-sleeve shirts in 30 degree, 12 degree windchill weather and was sweating. I noticed the frame of my body was sickly skinny. At night, sleep was impossible because I could feel my heart racing and beating out of chest or my back, depending on how I was laying in bed. What was wrong, I did not feel like myself…


Think before you eat

MIND: Over the weekend I was taking my teenage son for a sleepover and he made an absent-minded choice of placing his computer bag behind the car (for whatever reason) while he ran back inside the house to grab something. In the meantime…Yes, you may have guessed it. I backed the car out of the garage running right over the computer.…


Don’t wear out your neck

Most of us take our necks for granted. That is, until it begins to ache. And just to make sure it’s got our attention, a painful neck will begin to “lock up” so that we lose motion, most notably, in rotation. One day you are able to turn your head comfortably, and the next day, there is a painfully abrupt “stop” to that formally free movement.…


Put on a happy face

A change in season and colder weather means your face needs a little extra protection. We bundle up our bodies, but our face will be exposed to all the elements a midwest winter throws our way for the next several months. The cold wind and dry air can be tough on our skin. While moisturizers help, taking care of our skin from within can…

Liz Curtis Higgs


It’s okay to say “I love my body”

How do you perceive yourself?  Are you pretty hard on your body and what you look like? I’ll admit, I have those days that I think “ugh, if only this would go away” or “if only I could change this body part!” To where you nit pick yourself and then the rest of the day you feel, blah!  And yes, I’ll…


How to save money at the warehouse club

Just because you bought the membership doesn’t mean you’ll always find the best deals at Costco or Sam’s Club!  Carrie Rocha from PocketYourDollars.com has some good pointers to help you save more: DON’T Buy: Breakfast food like cereal and yogurt cups. Cereal is on sale at the grocery store 2-3 times…


Pete’s perseverance

I must brag a bit today about one of my clients who has recently released 110 pounds so far. His name is Pete and he’s almost 70 years old. There’s a mountain near his home in Oregon that he hasn’t climbed since he was a kid and his goal has been to climb it once again. So we’ve been training for just that! He’s…


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