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Brittany’s story

I work in healthcare. This is such a scary time since we really don’t know what each day will have for us, if our patients will get sick, or if we ourselves will get sick. One of my patients always has life97.3 on and it is so encouraging to get me through my day. The world may be a scary place right now but God is in control. Thank you…

Cheyenne’s story

Thank you to all of you at Life 97.3 who are still coming to work every day and bringing us words of encouragement and prayers for our wellbeing. It is refreshing to hear songs of praise to our God rather than being inundated with covid-19 information. May God bless all of you and your families…

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Help for the Ukraine

I found this exhaustive list of ministries and organizations that are ready to send your help to the Ukraine.



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