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Janet’s story

My name is Janet Janisch I’m 16 years old. I grew up with my mom and dad, but it felt like i didn’t even have parents. Other people took care of me all the time. Later on in my life my mom tried to take care of me by herself. She did her best, however it did not work out she could not take care of me. I went into the foster care system.…

Steven’s story

Hi, my name is Steven and I was just released from Duluth Federal Prison Camp after being there for almost 4 years. I want you all to know at life 97.3 you have encouraged and supported many fellow Christians incarcerated at the prison camp. There were many times when I would listen to life 97.3 and feel loved, supported, and cared for…

Nancy’s story

Listening to this station reminds me of God’s unconditional love.…

Rosie’s story

My favorite song is Hallelujah. It touches the heart of my husband and I. We heard it in church while our grown son had cancer treatments. He is now cancer free!…

Ruth’s story

God has certainly led you to your musical selection, as each one brings such hope and encouragement in an otherwise difficult time. You have been in my prayers. Keep on blessing our community!…

Laura’s story

The music you play fills my house with faith, hope and determination to stay positive by trusting in the Lord.…

Dean’s story

I’ve listened to stations all across the country and you guys are the BEST. I can’t do much but if everyone gave a dollar that would make a big difference!…

Kay’s story

Love your songs! It doesn’t matter how old you are–I’m 77 and love your station!…

Troy’s story

This is long overdue—about 5 years ago I hit a big struggle. It was self-inflicted and I’m still dealing with the repercussions of that time. Your station helped me get through that time and continues to be a huge blessing to my family and I.…

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