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Pray for our students

Let's pray for the students in our lives. Let us know who you would like to add to the student prayer wall. What makes your student special? How can we pray?

Pray for our students


This is my 16 year old daughter, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. She is a Junior at Center High School in Kansas City, MO. She was diagnosed with learning disabilities and a few health issues. God has been faithful and she is doing well. Pray for the safety of all of our children and that they will learn. Pray for the faculty…

Brendan, Natalie, Allyson

Brendan will be starting college in the Automotive program at WITC Superior, Natalie will be a sophomore at South Shore in Port Wing and Allyson will be in 4th grade at South Shore in Port Wing. Prayers for a great and successful year, prayers for strength and safety and most of all prayers for Gods guidance in their lives.…


That he will come to know Jesus in a very real way as Lord and Savior.…

All students

I pray all students are safe and remain so. Amen…


To have a great start to college life and not to sweat the little things. Meet some new friends that will help with studying and remembering to take time for fun too!…


Please pray for Carter as he heads off to college that he doesn’t compromise who God made him to be and that he thrives in this new environment with roommates, working and school. School has never come easy so this is a big step for him to really succeed in something he is interested in. Thank you!…


Please pray for my son going into the 10th grade. He is a great kid but not a great student. Please pray that he will understand how important school is and that he must do his homework, study and be organized in order to succeed. Also, that he be surrounded by good people and make some new friends that will be a good influence on him.…


Pray for Noah that as he goes into 8th grade he will be organized and apply himself to his homework and not just get by. Also that he will come back to church with me and find his place there. As his grandma it is hard watching him grow away from me and communicate less. Pray he starts to share his feelings again.…


He’s a very good boy who is starting middle school this year. I pray that he’s kept safe from violence and drug temptation. He’s my youngest grandson.…


She will be going into 8th grade. Last year of middle school. Pray that she is surrounded by good Christians friends that bring joy and live to her life and not focus on flaws. Pray that she is not focused on self image and pleasing peers and focus on pleasing Jesus with her thoughts words and actions. Also, pray she deepens her faith and…

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