“On the outside it all looked good… but on the inside it was all a wreck.” – Ben Fuller

The road has not been a smooth one for Ben Fuller. He’s navigated some deep, desolate valleys, which almost stopped his story short many years. But God had other plans for this talented artist.

After years of trials, Ben is boldly proclaiming his story through the music he creates. This story is one filled with darkness so thick you can almost taste it, but now, Jesus has given him hope, and a light which tastes sweeter than honey.

“There is hope. There is always hope. And it’s in Jesus.”

4 Responses to "Ben Fuller opens up about his story"

  • Amber Hutchins says:

    WOW!! What an amazing story! All the horrible things that I’ve gone through in my life, aren’t necessarily the same, but Ben Fuller is right in saying “there’s always Hope!” His story….I just don’t have the words! All I can say is……WOW!! So happy he came through and is willing to tell his story! THANK YOU Ben Fuller!!!!

  • Teresa says:

    Praise our Lord Jesus Christ! Yes it is who the Lord says we are and learning our worth in Him and abiding in Him; not what the “world” says or what the enemy says. Praise our coming King!! His love & grace is so amazing!

  • Cindy says:

    Praise the Lord!! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Sally Zielke says:

    It is in Jesus! Jesus only can fill our heart’s needs. Jesus is even more important than good things like family, homes and jobs. This life is so temporary. As a widow, I really know this. Jesus is so faithful!

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