My story has an ironic twist. I work a 3-11pm shift for work. This past Saturday night on my way home from work, I believe your radio station saved my life.
I had one of those days with nobody’s fault, I was very irritable and annoyed with everything and everyone. I think everyone’s had a day like this from time to time. I’m driving home at about 11:30 or so and am being tailgated for a number of miles. Because of my rough night at work and the truck tailgating me, it was increasing my bad mood. I always listen to Life 97.3 on my ride home but tonight for some reason they seemed to be playing more commercials than usual, so I turned off the radio. The truck tailgating me finally turns off and I rolled down the windows to let the cool night air in. As I’m driving I suddenly hear something behind me. I look in my rear view mirror and see headlights maybe 2 car lengths behind me driving half in my lane and half on the shoulder, and driving at least 100 mph. I immediately swerved into the the oncoming lane. By the grace of God the car barely missed me and continued speeding away.
Everyone always talks about hearing the right song at the right time which I truly believe. The ironic thing in my instance is the commercials saved my life. If I hadn’t had a bad night and been annoyed by the radio commercials I honestly believe I wouldn’t have heard the vehicle racing up behind me. I would have been severely injured or possibly even died that night.
I don’t know what God has in store for me, but He was not ready for me to meet Him yet.

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