I went to college on faith.  I didn’t entirely know how I was going to pay for it all, but I trusted God would provide when I needed.  Then I got my first bill which needed to be paid before I could register for the next semester’s classes.

The number on the invoice was higher than the number in my checking account, but on the last day I could pay the bill I walked into the business office praying for a miracle.  My plan was to pay as much as I could and try to work out a payment plan for the rest.  When the person behind the counter looked up my account, I noticed a confused look on their face.  After reconfirming my student ID number, they said the words that proved to me that God was working in my life.  “What are you doing here?  Your account has been paid already.”

In that moment, I felt like I could’ve told Mount Everest to talk a walk and it surely would’ve.  To this day, I don’t know exactly how it was paid, but I knew God was working in my life.

Since then I must confess I’ve had moments of deep doubt, wobbly faith, and a worry that God can’t or wouldn’t use a broken life like mine.  It difficult to shake thoughts and fears like that when God doesn’t give you big signs of His presence.

So how can we know God is working even when there isn’t a grand miracle?

Look for the daily bread.  Look for the little, almost insignificant blessings that sustain you moment to moment.  When Jesus was teaching how to pray, He said to pray for daily bread.  Most often God doesn’t work with over the top miracles, but God does give daily bread.  Many times it’s small enough where people don’t even stop to recognize it for what it really is, but for those that do, they will start to see how God is working everywhere in their life.

Once you have the Daily Bread Perspective, you’ll never see your life or the world the same way again.

Take a moment to think through your life from the Daily Bread Perspective.  What small bits of encouragement has God given you?