Do you need a spiritual reset?

According to evangelist Nick Hall, everyone is in need of a spiritual reset, whether or not they realize it.

“These were some of the things that actually triggered us to get on our faces before God and say ‘God we need You to move; we need You to do something in our day.’”

When times are tough, we have two choices.

“We have a choice to look how everybody else looks, think how everybody else thinks, and get fearful and critical. Or we can take those things as catalysts for us to get on our faces before God and remember where power comes from and where hope comes from.”

We continue to search for satisfaction from all of the wrong places.

“They’re not going to find it in drugs, they’re not going to find it in sex, they’re not going to find it in money. We keep trying to fill that void that’s a God-shaped void.”

God created each of us with a longing that will only be fulfilled by Him.

“As long as we keep turning to everything else, it’s going to keep being more broken, empty, self-centered. Yet the Gospel comes in and sets us free because Jesus lived the life that we aren’t good enough to live, and then He died the death that we deserved.”

According to Nick, Christianity is not about what you need to do, it’s about what Jesus did.

“Jesus did it, He paid the price that I couldn’t pay, He lived a life I couldn’t live and because He lived, I can live. And because He died, I can live. Because He rose, I can live. That’s why there’s a reset available.”

As believers, we can choose to put our hope in every other message, or we can stick to our guns and say there’s one message the world needs.”

Key Scripture: Habakkuk 3:2

Highlight : In Christ alone

Reset: Jesus changes everything

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