Are you expecting God to move in your life, but he doesn’t seem to be? Are you starting to feel like you deserve God’s action in your life?

Failing to see God at work in your life can be a very frustrating thing. However, most Christians go through a season like this at some point in their life.

Wayne Stiles discusses the critical difference between living a life of expectancy and entitlement.

The story of Joseph is a great example. Joseph woke up one day and he was the beloved son of his father and the next day he was a slave on his way to Egypt. He’s then falsely accused by his boss’s wife, and spends years in prison. One day, the prison door swings open and he is elevated to be the second in command of Egypt.

We read the story of Joseph in a matter of a few minutes and we conclude that God is really involved in Joseph’s life. We might wonder why God isn’t more involved in our lives? 

“Of course we read those and we think, ‘wow, God is really involved in Joseph’s life,’ well that was a 13 year time of waiting on God.”

There is a huge difference between living a life of expectancy and one of entitlement. As Christians, we are called to walk in a way that expectantly waits on God.

A life of expectancy approaches God with a sense of humility and trust that he’s going to do what he wants in his time.

A life of entitlement approaches God with a sense of pride.

“We say Lord, it’s time for you to get moving, I’m ready and you really need me to be doing something more significant than I’m doing right now.”

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you feel your sense of expectancy waning and your sense of entitlement growing?

Today, recommit yourself to God’s plan and purpose for your life, surrendering every aspect of life and ask God to reveal Himself and His plans for your life.

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