I was recently shopping at a local store when I heard an amazing thing happen. My shopping was interrupted by this young three year old girl very excited about suckers in the candy section.  She was so excited that she spotted the suckers. I heard “SUCKERS!!!! SUCKERS!!! Suckers are my favorite!”  I looked over and she is jumping and dancing about these suckers.  She wasn’t believe disrespectful but just excited.

Suddenly she stops jumping.  She looks up at her mom and what happened next amazed me.  This very young girl showed a heart of compassion.  She explained that they were picking out candy to give away at her birthday party.  She realized that while suckers are her favorite, she knows some people coming that don’t like suckers.  Her little brain was running at full speed.  And I was continuously captivated by the whole thing. She then continues to talk it through with her mom.  She explained to her mom that even though its her birthday and her party, if people coming would like a different candy better, she would rather buy that candy instead.  So much compassion!

For such a young girl to realize that what she wants isn’t what others want just amazed me.  For her to set aside her desires, on her birthday no less, for those of her friends. As I stood in that store in awe of her selflessness I couldn’t help but wish the world was more like this girl.  Why don’t we all put aside our own desires once and a while and do something for others?  Why not realize that someone may need something or want something else that we could offer?  I think this little girl is such a great example of the selflessness that we all could use a little more.