Did you know that your marriage could be healed by answering three simple questions?

In his book, , Dr. George Kenworthy poses these three questions and shares biblical advice on the restorative power of God in hurting marriages. Dr. Kenworthy expands on one of those three simple questions.

Are you willing to apply biblical principles to your life and to your marriage?

“I do trust God to work uniquely, but in addition to that we give people behavioral tools. Most all of our behavioral tools are based upon principles of the bible. So it’s a matter of saying ‘I’m going to do what the bible actually tells me to do as it relates to marriage.’”

Many couples have an understanding of what the bible says, but aren’t willing to apply the principles to their marriage.

Shortcuts are nothing but setbacks. Dr. Kenworthy shares a story about a mentor who was having trouble keeping his marriage intact by resisting Biblical principles for marriage:

“My friend, because he was a pastor, he wanted to do what the Bible said, and was a bit of a legalist in doing that. He just couldn’t make himself get to the point where he felt good about doing what the Bible said.”

He was caught up in his sense of duty, rather than recognizing the fruit of his obedience.

“He didn’t have any freedom that comes when the Spirit of God is really enabling us and empowering us to do what it is that we really need to do, and so what I told him is, ‘This is what you need: you need to come to the point where the Spirit of God gives you the power to do what’s right to do, so it isn’t duty anymore.’ And eventually God did give him that.”

God is a God of restoration and desires for hurting marriages to come alongside Him and rest in His healing power.

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Hope for hurting marriages

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