If you’re tired of chasing the latest diet fad only to find that you’ve gained weight, a new approach may be needed.

Bible teacher Susan Gregory shares that how we approach caring for our bodies is a reflection of our soul. We can feed our souls and renew our bodies through biblical submission.

“It starts with submission.”

What are you willing to give up for God?

“It’s like saying, ‘Am I going to do that? Am I going to give in to that or am I going to rely on God? Am I going to submit to Him and not have that cup of coffee, or not have that doughnut, or not have that Big Mac hamburger?’”

“When we’re doing that on a consistent basis, on this period of 21 days, our faith muscles become strong. Now at the same point our body is going under a natural detox, we have lots of junk in our body because of the way we care for it.”

We are responsible for caring for our bodies, and when we continue to eat food that doesn’t properly nourish there are consequences.

“In our nation, 70% of adults are overweight or obese. We are on a path to destruction, physical destruction; we challenge our bodies so much when we have this extra weight. Our bodies were not designed to carry on all this extra weight, it messes us up – it messes up the system.” 

Getting healthy is not easy, but it is worth it.

“When you’re eating really healthy foods; you’re eating the food that God created for the body He created, there might be some initial time when you feel challenged, you want that coffee; you want those foods that you’re accustomed to eating. But after a few days you get this renewed energy, your body starts to reset itself because it’s getting the goods.”

Susan’s book is The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss.  She explains some of the benefits of The Daniel Fast:

• You’ll get a surge of energy

• Pains and aches will go away

• Your thinking will be clearer

• You’ll lose weight and keep it off

Instant gratification is something that we all can relate to, especially in terms of getting in shape. Susan talks about the importance of having a biblical, balanced approach to weight loss:

“We try to do things most often with our own will, instead of entering into the spiritual experience and rely on God’s will; rely on the Holy Spirit that is working in us. The Daniel fast for Weight Loss is not a diet book; it’s a way to change our mind about who we are.”

By taking a biblical approach to weight loss, we will be able to better honor the temples that God gave us.

Highlight: Honoring our temples

A biblical approach to weight loss

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