Lately, every time I sit down to pray or write, all I can think about is balance. It seems to be a never ending quest, because, hard as I try, I simply can’t do it all. It’s too exhausting. It becomes almost impossible to love my husband, family, friends, or myself in a healthy way when all I’m doing is running from one thing to the next.

Maybe you’re in the same boat.

Somehow, in a quick blink, your schedule has gone from wide open roads with blue skies, to streets filled with construction, never ending errands and time consuming detours.

Do you find yourself becoming mindless, unable to listen to God’s leading, because all you can think about is the next thing? I just have to make it through to the next thing.

In times like this, balance isn’t just a nice thought. It becomes a desperate need; a necessity for even the most basic function. It comes to a point where a quick re-charge on the weekend isn’t enough – it’s not even possible with how busy they’ve become. No, a re-charge is needed every single day of the week.

You may be asking, “How is that even possible? I can’t get everything done in a day. How can there be hope for balance?”

My husband, Luke, and I took a long walk together and talked about our priorities and current commitments. We realized there were some things we had to cut from our schedule. These were good things, but in light of all that was going on around us, it was simply too much. If we were going to walk this season well, we needed to make some changes.

We decided to use this freed up time in our week to allow for some balance. I’m a firm believer that the little things matter, and that includes my home life.

We are going for a walk every night now – talking and dreaming together. I have time to clean my house and do the laundry. I’m able to cook. We’re getting to bed at a decent hour so our mornings don’t have to be a mad dash out the door.

We have evenings where nothing is planned and we can be spontaneous. One night we biked to Caribou. One night we had friends over for dinner. Another night we played video games and went to bed early.

The biggest thing, and I cannot stress this enough, is we are now spending regular time with the Lord. During that initial talk, Luke told me how a few years ago his most earnest prayer was that him and I would be unable to function without putting God first. I am thankful to say that is coming to pass. Without spending time with Him, I lose sight of what’s really important in life – the bigger picture. The simpler picture. It’s not about what we do, but who’s we are and how we love.

There is always going to be work, family, friends, church, and many other opportunities to fill our schedule with. Good and important opportunities! But we can’t expect to do them all at once. We can’t do them without some balance.

Does your life seem like it’s out of control? Are you with me in feeling like your schedule is ruling and you don’t have a choice in the matter?

Spend some time abiding in the presence of God, and pray over your schedule. There will be some things you need to continue, and others He will give you the peace to set down. Be intentional and make time for replenishment that keeps you close to the Lord and able to hear His whispers. Don’t put something on the back burner that actually keeps you sane, gives you life, and helps you to be a person that knows and reflects the love of God.

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