The beginning of November means the beginning of a busy time. The key is to find the sweet spot of busyness before you become overwhelmed and overloaded.

The reason for the potential overload seems obvious. The holidays are fast approaching with more opportunities for you to overeat, overspend, lose sleep, and indulge in potentially difficult interactions. And that doesn’t even touch on all the additional activities for your kids.

Maybe the less obvious reason is the simple idea of competition. Keeping up with the Jones or anyone else in your sphere of influence can cause stress and push you to do ‘one more thing’ leading to that painful, regrettable overload.

Recognize the signs and symptoms of an impending meltdown like forgetting little things, not sleeping well, frequent aches and pains, or irritability and anxiety.

Take action!

When the next invitation arrives, for a party, a civic or charitable event, think before responding positively. Remember, saying yes to something means saying no to something else, maybe something more important like your family.

Eat right, exercise, even if it’s only a walk to the park with your kids, turn off the noise and be still.

The most important antidote to combat an impending holiday meltdown?

The answer is one you might expect – spending time in The Word. Don’t take that suggestion as simply as a Sunday school answer. God wants to commune and converse with you in this and every other season. He wants to help you with your schedule and your organization. He has the answers to all your questions and He loves you and your children with an everlasting love.

Avoiding the slippery slope of over commitment is an important component of parenting.

An overloaded parent typically produces an overloaded child. The signs may not be the same for each child, but the general tension of the parent will be reflected. Some kids will try to compensate for the tension and become more helpful and concerned. Others will act out their feelings by being angry or demanding.

Attitudes are Contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Yes, they are contagious and no one will catch your attitude more quickly than your child. So as these busy mouths begin avoid the overload and if necessary make an attitude adjustment.

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