Many men, even in the Church, feel restless, bored, inadequate, and lost. David Delk shares some insights into the hearts of men and how they can climb out of that rut.

“A lot of men get caught up in the next thing that they’re going to have to do if they just have a little bit more money. What ends up happening is that there’s always a next thing and there’s never enough money. Many men end up living this perpetually dissatisfied life, never satisfied with what they already have, always hoping to get something more.”

The very thing, emotion, or fulfillment you think you will find in the next thing can be found in God. David directs men to three simple steps when handling finances.

  1. Earn little by little.
  2. Save little by little.
  3. Share where to store your money.

“Most successful people have found ways that they can solve problems for other people, and those people are willing to pay them money for it. Whether that’s in the service industry, working in a company, or starting your own business, find a place where you can do something of value that people will pay you for and stick with it.”

Part of our purpose on earth is giving, as God has given to us.

“What an unbelievable privilege that God shares some of his resources with us. And we get a chance to be a part of this! Jesus talked about storing up treasures in heaven. We get to invest in kingdom ways so that our money is not just being used in the here and now but it really will make a difference for eternity.”

Time and money are closely connected.

“Most men would say that they’re too busy, they’re tired, they feel like they can’t fit everything in… particularly those with young children. There’s a busyness that comes with just the pace of life and again, there are so many options available to us. There’s activities and sports and all kinds of hobbies.”

David cautions us against the double-edged sword – busyness can drain us, but taking time to rest can make us feel guilty for not running as fast as everyone else. David challenges men to be proactive.

“Guys are taking life as it comes. They’re reacting to the things that are put in front of them, rather than sitting down thinking through okay, what are my true priorities and taking care of those.”

Rested, purposeful men have a huge impact on the culture as a whole and can bring about secure families, healthy workplaces and godly communities.

Key Scriptures: 1 Thessalonians 1:3

Highlight: Time and money – a man’s challenges

Inside the heart of a man

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