Her ministry and television career were taking off, but Sheila Walsh knew something inside was horribly wrong. Listen as she joins us to share how God gave her new life and fresh perspective.

Sheila started struggling with shame and sadness tied to her past. She wanted to seek help as it worsened over the years.

“I felt as if I was completely disappearing. I remember trying to talk to one or two people who were my close friends and the advice I got was ‘Sheila, don’t share this with anyone, because they’ll never be able to trust you again.'”

Sheila finally checked herself into a psychiatric hospital and started peeling back the layers to find true healing. She shares some of what she learned along the way.

• It’s okay to be vulnerable and speak your own brokenness out loud.

• When we let the opinions of others define us, sharing that brokenness with them can feel unsafe.

• It’s dangerous to try to live as a lone wolf Christian. Sheila’s healing came in the hospital when she started telling the truth about her brokenness. “We’re so made for connection, but there are so many lonely people in the body of Christ because they don’t want to show up and be their true selves.”

• Our tools in the journey are spiritual – love, joy, peace, patience, and the other fruit of the Spirit. Sheila has a special word on forgiveness – “Satan has nothing in his arsenal to combat forgiveness.”

• When we take the step to share our story with others, the God of multiplication goes to work spreading His healing to those around us who are struggling with similar things.

The rest of Sheila’s story can be found in her book, .

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 60:1-2; Revelation 21:5; Romans 8:38-41

Highlight : Our brokenness can’t keep us from God

The reviving love of God

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