So easily, too easily, we’ve mastered the art of over complicating things.

Overthinking to the point where it consumes us, and the whole point of the original plan, original thought, is lost. It becomes a burden. Something that was meant to lift our spirits and encourage us toward hope becomes just another task to check off our list.

I have to be bold and honest with myself. My morning coffee time with the Lord has become a quest to find the best spot in the house and make it as comfy as possible. I spend so much time selecting a few of my many candles to use that the precious moments just slip away. Before I know it, I’m out of time and have to get ready for work and start my day. I’m no more in sync with the Lord than when I began.

Maybe that’s your problem, too. Or, maybe you’re stuck in your head.

What I mean is this: you’re so consumed with the weight of your responsibilities to your spouse, family, work, and other commitments that you have a hard time laughing and enjoying the simple things in life. You find yourself staring off into space while others around you play games with their friends and find true joy in what they do after work. Let me tell you, that’s not an easy place to be in. Your battle is hidden, but paralyzingly real.

Let’s simplify.

In my case, with the candles, I have to determine my motivation. My reason is to be with God, not to redecorate my house. So, instead of running around in the morning trying to get things exactly perfect, I need to sit down, close my eyes, and pray.

There has to be a point where you cast your cares upon the Lord and trust that He’ll give you what you need in every moment of the day.

Right now, all you may need is the physical strength to make it through the work day. Life is hard and heavy, but there’s no need or reason to worry if you’ll have the strength to make it through a specific crisis (if it ever even happens). If it comes up, He’ll be with you. But do not borrow tomorrow’s trouble.

Maybe you are over-complicating something else entirely. Maybe an event, a job, a vacation, or a gift. You know what it is. It could be that your next step is to throw away the fluff, and set your eyes on the goal once again.

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