Meditating on the Trinity can be a beautiful way to walk through challenging times.

After his first book was published, pastor Joe Thorn became “crippled” by anxiety and panic attacks. He found that focusing on God and His character re-centered his faith and he was able to return to health. His journey became the book   .

God is:

Omnipresent  “The nearness of God for the believer is not a cause for fear because He comes near not to judge but to dwell with us.” Joe points out that knowing God brings peace when we stay intentionally connected to Him. “I do not experience the reality of His presence [or] the abundance of His grace unless I am in communion with Him through the ministry of the Word and the Holy Spirit. We really have to look up and hold on tight to what God has said to be true.”

Good  “God doesn’t respond out of frustration or fatigue; He is altogether good.”

Father  “On the one hand, the believer is not just a sinner who has been saved but a sinner who has been made righteous. When we feel our sin – and we should – that sense of guilt should always lead us to focus on the grace of God. And the grace of God, given to us in Jesus, should lead us to gratitude. It’s a constant cycle in our lives – guilt, grace, gratitude.”

“Jesus is the one who holds the world – your world – together. Nothing escapes His notice, and nothing can upset His plans.”

Highlight : God is present and all-knowing

The attributes of God

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