Do you trust God to carry the future? How can we walk out our faith in the meantime? Today we look at the beauty and challenge of the in-between season. There is pain in worrying, growth in waiting, and expectancy in wondering.

Worry – God commands us not to worry. Dr. Warren Wiersbe puts it this way: “What is worry? The Greek word means to be pulled in different directions. The old English word from which we get our word ‘worry’ means ‘to strangle.’ Worry is the greatest thief of joy. To say ‘quit worrying’ will not catch a thief. The antidote to worry is a secure mind.” What are you worrying about? How can you symbolically give it to God and let Him carry it? Remember that the unknowns of life no longer have a hold on you because you know the One who holds them.

Waiting – The thing we’re waiting for pales in comparison to what we have now – the smile and presence of God. The answer to our angst is not in receiving what we want but in walking even more closely with Jesus. Choosing to worship God and thank Him in this season of waiting strengthens your faith for future seasons of plenty.

Wondering – There are so many things to wonder about. What’s going to happen tomorrow? What if there’s another financial disaster? These are good questions but there’s something higher we should consider. Susie again quotes Dr. Wiersbe. “It’s not a saving experience to believe and even tremble. True saving faith involves something that can be seen and recognized – a changed life.” Was there a time in your life when you truly recognized you were a sinner? Did you sincerely turn from your sin? Are you trusting Christ, and Christ alone, for your salvation? These and other questions can shine a light on the condition of our heart and show if we truly know God. This question above all needs to be addressed and answered.

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:6-8; Psalm 37; 1 Thessalonians 5:18; John 16:33

Highlight : The dangerous pattern of worry

Spiritual reset: Worry, wait and wonder

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