We’ve often heard the saying ‘mother knows best’ in conversations about parenting, but how does it compare to the reality of mothers’ and daughters’ unique faith journeys? Author Cheri Fuller reflects on her book . From body image, emotional ups and downs, values and faith – we hear trustworthy suggestions helping you steer your teenage daughter toward becoming a confident young woman of God.

Building a foundation of faith in our homes is vital to give your daughter a solid base when she leaves home. We know that each of us experiences Christ for ourselves, so how can we do everything we can to make that a reality?

Cheri believes one of the big keys is to cover their lives in prayer. Make it a priority to pray for your daughter – whether you’re driving past her school, washing her clothes, or saying goodnight. Remember – prayer is a conversation that can continue throughout the day. It doesn’t matter where we are. God loves to hear from us. Though it can be easy at times to feel that we’re powerless in the face of the challenges in our childrens’ lives, we’re only truly powerless if we stop praying. Our communication with God is the catalyst he uses to draw us closer to Himself.

It can be uniquely challenging if your daughter has a different personality type than your own. Understanding that she’s created to be a unique and special person can be a key factor in a healthy relationship. We need to celebrate the person our daughter is and not try to make her into someone else. In any case, the only one who can change a person is God – not us.

Cheri also offers some great wisdom on being someone your daughter can come to with what’s on her heart and trust that you’ll be a safe place.

Highlight: God hears

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