One of the world’s leading evangelistic broadcast ministries is celebrating a milestone anniversary, and its leader says the group has learned some things along the way.

“We have been doing this for 70 years” says Ed Cannon, President of the non-profit Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC).

“What we have seen is that when we have one influential person on the ground, a Christian believer, and we give that person a radio, they invite people into their homes. It’s often twenty, twenty-five, thirty. The people then listen, and they hear, and they’re hungry for the gospel.”

Cannon joined me for an episode of Austin Hill in the Morning. He explained how FEBC provides radios to people in some of the most remote and isolated regions of the world, noting that “they always listen in families. You’re impacting the Gospel over and over in countries where they really don’t have churches.”

Cannon has invited us to join with FEBC and provide a radio to villagers in these remote regions.

“Our staff does most of the radio distribution. Unlike North Korea, almost every place we do it we actually hand people the radios. Our radio staff gather these radios up, they know where people are listening. We have connections through local churches or local bodies of Christian believers. I’ve had the privilege to actually be able to do this. When you go out into these villages where one or two people in the village have a radio, they gather. I’ve seen as many as 100 people standing in a small, thatched roof grass hut listening to one radio. And when you show up and you’ve got ten or twelve radios, these people feel like they’ve won the lottery. They stand in line and you present them a radio, tears flowing down their cheeks. It’s a real treasure.”

They listen in families

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