Do you wrestle with living by faith? Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont shares what she’s learned about living in faith-based freedom.

“There is no end to who we can become” when we know who God is and walk with Him daily. Patsy shares how she learned this – she lived with anxious moments in her early life, but her later years became paralyzed with agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces and crowds).

“Even though I loved Jesus and that He’d given His life for me, I didn’t know how to appropriate the counsel of the Word of God. Knowing Christ gave me opportunities to be set free but He called me to walk in truth and stay in the light. I was withdrawing into my own refuge and He said ‘No, you need to refuge in Me. I am your safe place, I am your high tower.’ I began to believe things that aren’t true.”

God put people in Patsy’s life who pursued her and brought books full of God’s truth. As Patsy read them, she started preaching Scripture to herself, including Psalm 1:3, the verse she referenced at the start of the conversation.

It took time, Patsy admitted.

“When your heart is broken and crushed, people say the truth to you but it seeps out of the broken places.”

Patsy and Susie discuss:

• Preaching the Word to yourself’

• How to use healthy boundaries to battle fears.

• What triggered Patsy’s first panic attack.

• Satan’s tactics in isolating and deceiving Christians.

• How to get your emotions under control.

Patsy’s book is .

Highlight : Preaching Scripture to yourself

We walk by faith, not by fear

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