VIDEO WARNING: Difficult to watch if you’re the parent of a teen driver.

You may experience an elevated heart rate, cold sweats, nervousness, sudden onset of fear, and an acute sense of anxiety. These symptoms often lead to an immediate desire to hide car keys, revoke driving privileges, and intentionally immobilize of all vehicles in your driveway.

You’re not alone when you cringed watching 2 minutes and 21 seconds of young drivers experiencing the cold reality that distracted driving can result in an accident. As my oldest daughter attended her first driver’s education class, I could actually imagine what expression would be on her face as she looked up from her iPhone while our family car suddenly careened off Ankeny Boulevard.

Chevrolet is introducing an intriguing new feature later this year to help: Teen Driver.

The on-board computer monitors how your teen is driving even though you’re not in the car. Seat belts, stereo levels, close calls, and speed information are all given to parents in a report card when they get home.

Whoever developed this idea: pure genius.

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