Who knew “with” was such an important word? We use it so often that that we probably don’t think twice about it. However, it’s so much more than just a preposition. Not convinced? Just ask my daughter.

This weekend, I found myself in a father’s rite of passage – teaching my daughter how to ride her bike. I don’t remember my dad teaching me, but I suspected it would require plenty of patience and a minor physics lesson. The first attempt was met with “I can’t do it, Dad.” The second and third attempts were, too. But it wasn’t long before confidence grew and I knew it was time to let her ride on her own. This wasn’t a popular announcement. “I know you can do it,” I exclaimed. Somewhat reluctantly, her response: “Dad, promise you will you be with me?”

There it is … “with”.

You see, “with” was important to my daughter because it indicated proximity or a closeness – that I wouldn’t be far away. And because I promised to be with her, she exuded a great confidence to go, to try, to move ahead.

Here’s the best part – God uses the word “with” as well – offering many reminders throughout the Bible that He is with us.

  • I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20)
  • He reminds Joshua: “I will be with you …” (1:5)
  • Through the prophet Isaiah (43:2), He promises: I will be with you …”

God being with you ought to be the ultimate confidence booster – akin to the feeling of your father pacing next to you as you took your first solo bike ride. So, in the moments when you need direction, require reassurance or simply need love, God is there … always … right there WITH you.

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