You may not think of Deepak Chopra or Oprah Winfrey as prominent “religious leaders of our time.”

But according to attorney and Christian apologist Abdu Murray, the two of them combined have impacted the ways in which the Western world thinks of spirituality, and therefore, the ways in which people think of Christianity.

A former Muslim who is now an Evangelical Christian, Murray told me during his recent visit to Austin Hill in the Morning that “…back when these gurus used to be on her (Oprah Winfrey’s) TV show, they would sell millions of copies of their books, and those books infiltrated our culture with different ideas. Often we don’t see these ideas creeping in – not in a nefarious way, necessarily, but they are nonetheless influencing our culture.”

Murray regularly writes and speaks on issues of culture and worldview. Raised as a Muslim, Murray is today an evangelical Christian, and his latest book, , addresses some of the most crucial religious and ideological struggles of our time, from a distinctly biblical, Christian vantage point.

Murray cited a recent survey that explored beliefs and thoughts about God among Americans and Canadians. “85% of those surveyed said they believe in God, yet 53% said God is not personal, but rather, is some sort of impersonal cosmic force that can guide our lives” he stated. “That perception of God is the grounding for Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern, pan-theistic world views.”

Listen to my full discussion with Abdu Murray below:

Oprah & Deepak Chopra: have they changed Christianity in America?

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