After being married for years, author Darlene Schacht had an affair. She learned firsthand what it means to forgive yourself, walk in the light, and cling to her marriage when everything else is shaking.

Darlene shares her own experience of being caught in adultery. Her husband confronted her, and their marriage fell apart. Over time, God restored them, rebuilt the trust, and gave them both new hearts for each other. Darlene shares how Michael responded after the adultery was revealed and the healing began.

“My husband absolutely put it away; it’s never been brought up since that night. He’s never treated me like I didn’t deserve his love. I know that God forgives me but I can’t forgive myself – the reason is because I knew exactly what I was doing when I stepped into my sin. I knew better. And yet I chose to sin… God’s grace is bigger than any sin that we have. He died on the cross for this. I have to leave [my sin] there.”

Darlene offers tips for safeguarding your marriage:

• Have open communication with your spouse

• Share passwords on your social media accounts, email addresses, etc.

• Build in time each day to connect, cuddle, and catch up

• Choose to love your spouse more than your pride – conflict is not about being right, but righting your heart

• Use gratitude to battle the “green grass” syndrome

• Recognize the power of keeping a “top ten” list

• Continue the cycle of love and respect between you and your spouse

Highlight : When grace invades a marriage

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