What does it mean to say that a marriage is ‘falling apart?’ How do you even define that? Dr. Gary Chapman authored the book  :

“It’s when a couple or an individual gets to a place that the pressure is so strong, the sense of emptiness is so strong, that they are toying with the idea of separation and, or, divorce. “

Is separation ever a good thing? Even when a couple separates with the understanding that it is only for a period of time?

“I think it can be” Chapman stated. “Often people go in to a separation for survival, simply to get out of a bad situation, because they’ve lost all hope for things getting better. Often that’s just a first step towards divorce, but if separation is done in a positive way as an act of tough love, then it can be productive. It can create a crisis for the person who seems unwilling to change, and it can move then to take action.”

Chapman advises that if couples are genuinely willing to work on their relationship, authentic healing and transformation can take place, and “life on the other side can be even better than it was before.”

Listen to an interview with Dr. Chapman:

Giving It One More Try

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