Can mothers raise their daughters to be confident women of strong character, even amid a culture that is steering towards relational and sexual chaos?

Lynn Cowell says yes.  Her book, Magnetic: Becoming The Woman He Wants, helps point the way forward towards this very goal.

“We live in a culture that is obsessed with body image, appearances, having the right clothes the right hair, and so forth” Cowell said during her recent visit to Austin Hill In The Morning. “This focus takes away from a young woman’s effort to be the best person she can be, the person Christ wants her to be.”

Cowell noted that she believes pastors and other church leaders should become more willing to discuss issues of body image, womanhood and relationships, and not shy away from the topics.  She also suggested that a woman must first be grounded in her relationship with God, in order to live-out healthy relationships with men.

While she said that raising a daughter is most ideal when both mom and dad are involved, Cowell nonetheless offers hope for single mothers.

“We often hear that we can’t giveaway what we don’t have” she stated, “but I think mothers and daughters can find their way together. My book has a leadership guide that can help a woman grow along with the younger people that she is seeking to invest in.”

Wise mothers raising wise and magnetic daughters

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