I have a couple girls who LOVE to cuddle. And I have one who can’t stand it.

She will wrestle, and be goofy, but just isn’t much of a hugger.

When I try, she squirms away, and gets a little goofy.

Last night we drove home together from an event. Just the two of us.

As we drove, she just started talking… and talking… it was a great conversation. I learned a lot about her in those 15 minutes. It’s not something that happens when the whole family is together. It just seems to happen in that one on one time.

It struck me that, while her sisters value the cuddle time, her “cuddle” time is that conversation.

Her eyes lit up, she was just soaking in the love I was showing with quality time.

I learned that, if my kids don’t seem to be receiving my love, I may not be showing it in the right way.

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