Earlier this week, we read John 2:1-12 as a family.

In this passage, Jesus performs His first miracle at a wedding, by turning water into wine.

We had some great discussion, but one big question surfaced?

Why did Jesus perform the miracle if His “hour has not yet come”?

Perhaps it was to honor His mother? In the context of family devotions, that was certainly a direction my wife and I wanted to head! That may have been a big part of it, and that is wonderful.

We also came to the conclusion that Jesus may have done it to honor his disciples. This miracle was not done in a public way. Jesus didn’t pull the casks out into the center of the party and put on a supernatural magic show.

He did it in the company of his disciples, and some servants. Verse 11 then says “His disciples believed in Him”. Perhaps a purpose behind this miracle was to honor those who had followed, with the reassurance that their faith was put in the right place.

We spent some good time discussing that as a family.

Our family questions:

  • What was it about Jesus that caused the disciples to follow Jesus BEFORE they came to belief?
  • What are some things about Jesus that caused YOU to follow Him?

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