“A life verse is something I’ve had since my early years, since back when I was in the 7th grade” notes author David Edwards. “But as I’ve traveled over the years I’ve met people who have a favorite Bible verse, or perhaps many favorite Bible promises, but they haven’t discovered their own ‘life verse.’”

Edwards’ latest book is entitled  . He joined Austin Hill In The Morning to discuss the book, with the goal that the Bible becomes more personal and meaningful to everybody.

“Are there ways you go about finding a life verse, besides flipping open the Bible and playing Bible roulette?” he asks. “I think every believer should have that one verse that speaks to their life, their past, their present and their future. But  we need to be open to a process of discovery.”

Edwards was asked if he is using the term “life verse” to literally imply one specific verse of the Bible, or if he believes that individuals should be personally attached to entire passages or chapters of Scripture.

“That’s a great question” Edwards noted. “I am speaking of one specific verse, but in the book I explain that all life verses are connected to all the rest of Scripture.  I believe that we don’t find our life verse, but rather, our life verse finds us, and that needs to be done with the leading of the Holy Spirit and in the context of the whole of the Bible. I have a chapter  in the book called ‘The Anatomy of a Life Verse,’ where I assist the reader in discovering their life verse and help to keep it connected to the whole of Scripture.”

What’s your life verse? Making the bible more personal

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