Trying to keep your family on the same page is a battle.

Your family’s calendar will overwhelm you like a 30 foot ocean wave if you don’t have an aggressive approach to tame its unyielding attack on your home, leaving you wondering where the days have gone.  If it sounds like my family has experienced this first hand- you’re absolutely right.

As kids go back to school, parents loathe the idea of rushing to the next footballpianoyouthgroupsocceryearbookclubscouts deadline, praying the mobile speed camera isn’t in your neighborhood this week.  After all, if it were a live police officer who pulled you over- you could explain that the reason you’re late is the toilet didn’t stop running upstairs as everyone was hurrying to get out the door, leaving a gross pool of water in the bathroom when the bowl overflowed.  And who knows how long everyone would leave that there if you didn’t clean it up?  Wait- you DO know how long it’d be there if you didn’t clean it up.

The truth is, we as parents want to be remembered as good parents when our kids grow up.  We don’t want to be known as the mom or dad who squelched our kid from becoming the next Shawn Johnson or Marissa Mayer.

How will you recognize when you’re over the limit as a family?  This article makes points worth considering.

What do you think?  How have you determined what overscheduled looks like in your family?

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