If you have a grade school aged child like I do, you probably already know all about the “Would you rather” questions kids, (especially talkative girls) like to pose to each other.

Would you rather have a dog or a cat? Read a book or watch a movie? Kiss a boy or eat a worm (lots of giggles)?

My daughter likes to engage me on these questions as well. “Mom, would you rather eat only chocolate all day for one day, or have pizza once a day for the rest of your life?”

Hello. Really? “Yes,” I say.

“Yes to chocolate or yes to pizza?” She prys.


“MOM! That’s not how you play this game!”

Who’s playing?  Chocolate and pizza! Yes! But seriously, I wish all of life’s choices were so easy.

Sometimes in the busy-ness of life, the choices can seem a little harder as we try to do the right thing. The margins can blur a bit as we might want to make the easy choice now, but may feel differently as the implications play out in the future.  So what might a serious, adult version of the “Would You Rather” Game look like? Consider these questions.

Would you rather hold your tongue when someone verbally vents on you or give them a piece of your mind?

Would you rather spend that unexpected bonus on a new toy or spend it helping to get an orphaned child adopted into a forever family?

Would you rather play it safe at a well paying job in an unhealthy environment or pursue a lower paying but exhilarating ministry job that’s opened up to you?

Would you rather toss a ball back and forth with your kiddo or spend 30 minutes on facebook with your friends?

Would you rather store up temporary treasure on earth now, or treasure in heaven that’s eternal?

Let’s pray for each other as we face choices each day that give us the opportunity to make a difference in God’s kingdom. Now, would you rather keep reading this blog or. . .???

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