Abdu Murray, a self-described former Muslim, is encouraging Christians to talk to those who practice the Islamic faith.

“Christians often feel like they need to know everything about another person’s worldview before they talk about their own.” says author and speaker Abdu Murray. “If we can address one of the grand central questions that a person’s worldview is seeking to answer, and address it from a Gospel center, then we can have a credible conversation.”

Murray’s latest book is entitled Grand Central Questions, and it addresses Islam as well as other religious and ideological worldview systems that are often foreign to Christians in the U.S. He says that Christians often share common concerns with practitioners of other faiths and that most of the world’s religions seek to answer a common set of questions:

  • How did we get here?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What explains the human condition?
  • How can humans transcend their earthly existence?

He also says:

“The central idea of Islam is God’s greatness. As a Muslim I used to reject fundamental Christian doctrine, because I thought that the trinity and the incarnation and the cross all insulted the concept of God’s greatness, but in the book I show how these things actually demonstrate God’s greatness.”

A belief in God’s greatness is a point of agreement among Christians and Muslims. It’s a jumping off point.

“It’s a point that allows us to discuss our differences,” he says.

Murray acknowledges that some self-proclaimed practitioners of Islam use their professed religious affiliation to justify murderous behavior. “We can’t be naïve about these things” he says, but notes that “…most Muslims don’t want to hurt anyone or impose themselves on others.”

You can hear an entire discussion with Abdu Murray below.

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