It happened nearly five years ago. I had been divorced for five years, wayward, empty and had made too many bad decisions. No drugs, no alcohol, I was a sinner and made bad decisions. I was not angry, oh no, my Lord had been so good to me. I just wasn’t available to Him.

But over time He drew my heart to Him. He used people to mentor me and I became reborn in Christ.

The truth is I couldn’t change myself.

How many times have we tried to CHANGE OURSELVES? We make endless resolutions (lose weight, get in shape, exercise more, watch less TV, read the Bible more often, etc.) We try new clothes, new jobs, new environments.

No matter what you’ve done, no matter what condition you’re in right now, God wants you. The starting point is to let go of your pride and admit you’ve sinned. God saves humble people who admit they need his help.

I am going to guess that you have things you are ashamed of in your life; we all do. Jesus doesn’t want to condemn you; he wants to change you. He wants you to know him and he wants you to love him as much as he loves you.

God has a gift for you. Just open it.

I can assure you today that the Lord wants a relationship with you right now, wherever you are, whether you are six or 96, just as you are. You do not have to change to come to the Lord Jesus. However, we all change after we meet Him.

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