A recent heroin overdose by a noted actor reminded us again of the danger drugs pose in our society.

Talk of legalizing marijuana should cause us to consider public policy decisions carefully, but the issue really hits home when your own child is addicted to drugs.

Pastor John Vawter of the ministry You’re Not Alone and Jeff Dye of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge joined Neil Stavem on Connecting Faith to unpack this sensitive topic.

John grew up with a few relatives who were alcoholic, and decided early on not to follow their path of addiction. His heartache came when his daughter became addicted to heroin.  Thankfully, she got help and eventually became a treatment counselor herself. Out of their struggle came the book Hit By A Ton Of Bricks

Jeff’s story is one of experimenting in small doses with drugs and alcohol. For three years he transitioned from smoking and drinking – to marijuana and other recreational drugs. He describes the commonplace nature of drug overdoses and says, “It’s shocking to me what doesn’t make the news now.”

So what can we do when drug addiction comes to your family? Here are a few things John and Jeff address:

  • The nature of “gateway drugs” including alcohol and prescription medication
  • The recent trend of teens and “cocktail parties”
  • “Addict logic”
  • The principles of Ephesians 5:18
  • How to confront a friend or family member who is using drugs
  • How to pray for God to intervene in their circumstances

Many turn to drugs and alcohol to meet emotional needs, and before long they are serving the drug rather than using the drug to serve them. Jeff encourages us to seek help and resources for those in our lives who are living in addiction. God has the power to heal and bring many out of the grip of drugs and alcohol. Seek wisdom and community –  and get help for yourself and your loved one.

Highlight – Addiction

Listen to the entire interview below.


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