I’m in my late 40s, life expectancy is shy of 80 for males. Ask those in my life, I can feel the pressure to pack my life full of activity and maximize my time by doing all I can.

In school, we’re encouraged to join as many clubs as possible to make the most of our educational experience. At work, it’s expected that we’ll be unreal productive and take on more and more responsibility. Even at home, there’s a never ending to-do list of things that need maintained, fixed or upgraded.

My son is now 22, he lives in the Twin Cities, he was back home over the weekend. We had coffee before he left. I got to hear about his life face-to-face instead of a phone call. Wait a minute? He’s 22? I remember picking him and his one sister up from Harvey Dunn Elementary at 2:45 each day, then “BAM” they are both in the 20s.

I must admit, hit me hard as I went to work on a Monday morning after having coffee with my son. He was talking about work, his homework and his relationships and the challenge to have enough time. It sounded a lot like my struggles.

We both have been encouraging one another to slow down and truly see people in our lives. You can’t care about them if you don’t see them.

We shared the three truths about the life of Jesus.

First, Jesus saw people. Secondly, Jesus had compassion. Of course, Jesus met their needs.

Loving is the greatest thing we can do to live like Christ.

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